Hani Zeini is a passionate entrepreneur involved in the financial business. He has realized that the finance sector is a fabulous place for all aspiring entrepreneurs for an opening shop. He firmly believes that the this sector gives you a tremendous opportunity to do a lot of good by serving and supporting people of the United States with financial support.. Hani Zeini has instituted a prestigious scholarship for all the aspiring young entrepreneurs who are interested in pursuing a financial business. Zeini feels that there have been numerous ground-breaking technological and developments in the last few years. These seem to be huge incentives for young minds, passionate about pursuing a business in finance sector. 

 Hani Zeini Scholarship

Hani Zeini

Hani Zeini has accomplished himself as an entrepreneur pursuing the finance and business.. All these amazing business ideas should motivate and inspire you to start a financial business. Hani Zeini would encourage and support you in your business venture. The Hani Zeini Scholarship is meant for students who are aspiring to be in the business. Zeini has founded this supportive scholarship for the less fortunate and not so well-off students who are struggling to pay for the expensive higher education in the United States. Students must compose an essay on The Current Challenges in the Business Sector in 21st century & How Do You Propose to Encounter Them Successfully


You must cater to all the details needed to fulfill the eligibility specifications while applying for the Hani Zeini Scholarship for the most deserving student. 

· Students should have a current enrollment with an accredited institution, college, or university.

·Applicants must be freshman, sophomore, senior, junior, or maybe graduate currently with enrolment in an accredited and recognized college or university.

· Applicants to this landmark Hani Zeini Scholarship must compose an essay within 850 words on “The Current Challenges in the Business Sector in 21st century & How Do You Propose to Encounter Them Successfully”.

Scholarship Instructions:

Hani Zeini scholarship promises a gift-aid of $1000. You do not need to pay the amount back. You could use the amount for paying part of your tuition fees and other higher studies expenses.

Amount: This scholarship presents a one-time payment of $1,000 for furthering your educational aspirations and goals.

Deadline: All the applications with essay submissions must be completed by 1st March 2021

The winner of the Hani Zeini Scholarship would be duly notified on 15th March 2021.

The lucky winner of the Hani Zeini Scholarship would be posted on www.hanizeinischolarship.com

How to Apply:

All submissions should be sent via email at info@hanizeinischolarship.com and a Word Document must be attached to it.

First Name & Last Name

Contact Number

Mailing Address

Email ID

High School Graduation Date

University or college you are planning to enroll in must be recognized or accredited. 

Latest or Present GPA

Personal bio just within 290 characters

Winner Selection: The winner would receive intimation via email. He must contact Hani Zeini within a fortnight and respond to his email. The asset transfer would take place legitimately to the specified financial aid account.