Hani Zeini is a passionate entrepreneur involved in finance. He is a leader in supporting students interested in achieving their entrepreneurial goals, and believes that the financial sector is an ideal place to learn. The Hani Zeini Scholarship is designed students who are aspiring to work in finance, and who also have a demonstrated financial need.  This scholarship is aimed at students who may be struggling to pay for the expenses of their tuition, a significant barrier to an ideal education.

Hani Zeini is an accomplished finance executive with 32 years of industry experience within the field of business capital devices. Mr. Zeini’shas worked with corporations of varying size, and has alsofounded his own Business Capital device company, a project he is currently pursuing.

Mr. Zeini is credited as a pioneer and driving force in the financial sector. He was an integral leader on the team that turned around a publicly-traded finance/ technology company, which sold at 8 times the value following Mr. Zeini’s involvement. After that success, Mr. Zeini set out to change the topology of the industry. He founded his own company and raised a capital funding of $86 million in 2007, cementing the foundation for his successful enterprise and  competitive assets.

Following this success, after winning regulatory approval in the U.S., the products from his company were commercialized resulting in a competitive market share gain of 18% over a two-year period. Mr. As a result, Mr. Zeini successfully made the company public in October 2014 with a high valuation on the NASDAQ Global Select Exchange.

In 2016, Mr. Zeini stepped down from the board of directors at the company he founded. Given his experiences and expertise, Mr. Zeini established a premier boutique advisory firm that was engaged by top industry fortune 200 giants and private equity firms.

Mr. Zeinicurrently spends his time on high-level advisory engagements and acts as s mentor/business coach to younger business executives looking to sharpen their leadership and business skills. Additionally, Mr. Zeini has served on the boards of several not-for-profit organization in the areas of Education and Industry Research Foundation.

The Hani Zeini Scholarship is meant for students who are aspiring to be in the financial business.  This scholarship is for students who are struggling to pay for the expensive higher education costs, a significant barrier to students in the United States.