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Home » Hani Zeini explains the revolutionary role of IoT and AI in our lives that ensure smart living

Hani Zeini explains the revolutionary role of IoT and AI in our lives that ensure smart living

Hani Zeini

Hani Zeini says technology has completely changed the perspective of our lives. Because what was earlier looked upon as a luxury is now a way of life. A glaring example is Smart Homes, which are no more showpieces but the new normal that extensively uses technology. Today’s reality has undergone drastic changes due to technology. Especially due to newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) accompanied by the numerous social changes that are occurring simultaneously. The evolving technologies, coupled with several socioeconomic factors. Provide the perfect recipe for smart living to get integrate into our daily lives by significantly increasing its presence.

Hani Zeini explains the role of AI and IoT for smart living

 IoT  Internet of Things or IoT is comprised of technology that enables devices. To communicate over the web so that they can either send information. To a remote user describing their status or allow the ability to control devices remotely. Normally these electrical devices can operate household appliances and equipment like washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners. They also perform simpler tasks like switching fans and lights on and off while operating heavier devices. At homes like fire panels and pumps. Businesses using IoT are also seen in their application. For communicating with bigger equipment like printers and MRI.

AI – Hani Zeini describes artificial intelligence or AI as a capability created to automatically perform certain tasks. The ability to perform tasks automatically depends on the amount of learning by the system based on the data collected.

Often, IoT systems and AI work in tandem, providing the data and learning from it to perform certain tasks. Which relieves us from the burden of doing it ourselves. Hani Zeini cites the example of Google’s Nest Thermostat, which learns about the intricacies of customer behavior. And then uses it to set the temperature automatically to ensure optimal comfort of residents besides making homes more energy-efficient.

 How people are adapting to smart technology

The millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z populations have high purchasing powers. And with easy access to finance, they can generate disposable income that enables them to buy homes while they are in their early thirties. They have an innate attraction to technology and believing in its power to offer better living; they do not mind spending to build smart homes with complex automation that enhances comfort and ease of living. 

With the focus on enhancing their daily living experience, this class is embracing technologies that ensure smart living. With the assurance of providing comfort and relaxation that relieves people from performing mundane tasks. While they can devote the time to seek more comfortable and enjoyable ways of living. How much we depend on technology. As it is easier and quicker than texting words.  

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