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Hani Zeini explains the role of innovative technologies in plastic recycling

Hani Zeini

Most countries all over the globe make efforts to recycle billions of pounds of plastic each year. The governments take every possible step to work on innovative ways of recycling plastic. With time, new technologies got introduced, which has helped streamline recycling plastic. And thereby increase efficiency. The interplay of plastic recycling and technology gets detailed emphasis by Hani Zeini. He believes that effective implementation of technology may give a much-needed boost to the recycling process.

Hani Zeini provides the following points to explain the importance of technology for recycling

  • It is a quick learner:Modern society uses recycling robots that accommodate artificial intelligence, which can identify and separate materials at high speed. The use of algorithms helps to detect packaging details like images and logos and recognize them faster for easy sorting.
  • A dynamic process: Polypropylene and polythene are the most popularly used plastics all across the globe. The recyclers have to separate both of them before initiating the recycling process. However, research studies reveal that the addition of special polymers. To already used PP and PE may create a new plastic brand that is easier to recycle. Moreover, the new plastic brand is hard enough to withstand packaging using less material than present packaging systems.
  • Economic option: For the sake of cleaning and cooling plastics, the recycler uses water. Moreover, other recyclers have tried to innovate new sorts of processes to create recycled plastics, even without water. These new technologies may help in reducing energy consumption and also provide other added environmental benefits. In the long run, they lower the recycling costs, which is another benefit.

Different Kinds Of Plastic Materials

  • Detect, point, and puff: A recycler has to work with different kinds of plastic materials. When opting for a hand sorting option, you must know that it is an expensive and slow method. It is a reason why recyclers are turning to a more high-tech solution. It is here that Hani Zeini brings into focus infrared laser techniques. The air blaze exhales several kinds of plastics into different streams of light for a recycling purpose.
  • Clear and clean: There is a new technology that removes odor, color, and other contaminants from used polypropylene. The new technology has enabled recyclers to make a clear and clean environment.

There are various promising innovations taking place all across the globe in the field of plastic recycling. These technologies help in saving natural resources and also making used plastic into more useful new products. However, technology alone may not ensure the recycling process. It requires human effort equally to guarantee desired results. Research all across the globe hence reveals various innovative technologies and their effect on the recycling process. Entrepreneurs these days are using these technologies to make the process of recycling plastic effortless and convenient.

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