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Hani Zeini explains the scholarship process to clear some misconceptions

Hani Zeini

Scholarships are of many types, but usually, when we talk about scholarships, it refers to educational scholarships, mainly like the Hani Zeini scholarships. That support meritorious students aspiring to fulfill their higher education ambitions.  Although numerous scholarships are available, the demand for scholarships is so high that the competition is intense, and students must work hard to earn a scholarship.

Before applying for any scholarship, you must understand how the process works to avoid confusion arising from misconceptions. Moreover, you must know when you can apply and whether you are eligible for it. Because every scholarship has some eligibility criteria and the area or subject of study that it considers for sponsorship.

Here are some facts about scholarships that will make your task easy in preparing for it.

Earning a scholarship entails hard work, explains Hani Zeini 

The scholarship process is far from easy, and it needs dedication and hard work to qualify for a scholarship. After identifying the scholarship that you want to compete for, start preparing for it by putting in your time and effort so that you can give your best shot at it, suggests Hani Zeini.  Trying for multiple scholarships is a good idea as most college students avoid it as it increases the workload many times. However,less competition increases the chances of winning.  Another way to increase your chances of success is to target lesser known scholarships that have lesser competition. But devote time to research for such scholarships, and it must match with your educational goals.

Scholarships are available throughout the course

A common misconception about scholarships is that these are available only for incoming freshmen. According to Hani Zeini, although this is true, it does not reveal the complete pictureof scholarships. Most scholarships are offered on an annual basis. And even if someone misses it when entering college, they can try for it again during the subsequent years of study while in college. Even if you cannot make the cut for a scholarship as an incoming freshman. You can have another shot at it for your sophomore, junior, and senior years. Scholarships available for graduate students allow them to progress to their Masters or doctoral degree without paying anything from the pocket.

Knowing what to do increase the chances of winning

Earning a scholarship on the first attempt can be a daunting task due to the hard work involved. And being unfamiliar with the process that can appear a bit scary. Since there are no restrictions to applying for a scholarship multiple times, you can gain experience and do better during the subsequent attempts.

Know who receives the money

When choosing any scholarship, check how the disbursement happens. Whether it goes to the college directly or credited to the student’s account. Institutional scholarships go to the colleges directly, but those funded privately go to the students directly.

It gives the winner some flexibility as they can use the money to pay for many things beyond tuition.

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