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Hani Zeini on Business Technology Trends

Hani Zeini

Hani Zeini with digital transformation turning into a vital part of companies’ success. Looking ahead in competing in the marketplace, staying above the latest business technology trends no longer remains optional

Latest Business Technology Trends as per Hani Zeini 

  • Autonomous Driving- This is a safe and easy driverless drive. And one common thing that they all share is crafting impeccable autonomous vehicles. The concept of driverless vehicles in itself creates a lot of excitement.   

Founder of Tesla and SpaceX aims to go big in the industry with the future design of autonomous cars. We are likely to see multiple Robo-taxis on the roads. Functions such as automation, lane-changing, and automated braking of other in-vehicle systems. Will soon streamline through the right guidance of analytics and data capture. 

  • Robots- A big change that has affected businesses is how machines have taken over jobs from inventory management. To window cleaning and more, says Hani Zeini. People with a job or business that are transaction-based will have forced career changes in the near future. 
  • 5G- The advent of the 5th generation technology or 5G is a highly enigmatic new upcoming technology. That has impacted the world of business to a large extent. The 5G technology by most industry experts has been termed. As the successful future of communication, which to some extent is true. And, not a mere exaggeration, according to Hani Zeini. 

Emerging Technology

  • Cybersecurity- Though this may not appear as an emerging technology. As this has been around for some time now, it is evolving akin to all other technologies. This is more so because threats indeed are constantly new. Malevolent hackers that try to access data illegally will never give up too soon but rather continue looking for ways. To get through the toughest security measures as well. Till hackers are present, cybersecurity is likely to stay a trending technology. This will constantly evolve to offer protection against those hackers. 
  • Quantum Computing- Following the advent of this technology, it has given PCs much more power. To execute operations than regular computers. Leading brands such as Google, AWS, Microsoft, Honeywell, Splunk, and others are now evolved in making developments. In the quantum computing field. 

The bottom line is that staying ahead in the present day crowded. This on-going COVID-19 pandemic has prompted several businesses. Leveraging technology will help them to unlock breakthrough innovations. Progressions and advances in technology, especially in the past few years, have changed the world. Emerging technologies such as data analytics, blockchain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence have already started impacting people’s lives. Technology plays a strong role in business, so businesses. Should make the most of the latest technologies to stay at the forefront. 

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