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Home » Hani Zeini provides a reasonable guide to understand the importance of customer satisfaction tools for your venture

Hani Zeini provides a reasonable guide to understand the importance of customer satisfaction tools for your venture

Hani Zeini

Technology has brought about a revolution in customer service. The discovery of technological tools has mainly changed the customer service landscape. In digital service and personalization, business institutions can embrace the present technology for improving customer service. Customers are the engines of an establishment who require minute attention. Hence, it is the entrepreneur’s responsibility to use customer satisfaction technologies and tools, resulting in increased customer experience. Therefore, Hani Zeini tries to elaborate that when entrepreneurs work on customer services, they increase their profitability chances.

Hani Zeini explains some vital customer satisfaction tools

  • Mobile customer services –In the modern world, customers predominantly take an interest in mobile customer services. Commercial associations have to make an effort to work on mobile applications with live chat options for increasing customer satisfaction. Thus, the customer service personnel will provide customers with possible support in case of queries.  How efficiently you use your customer service tools will encourage you to stand different from others in the marketplace.
  • Online service –According to Hani Zeini, the latest trend encompasses self-service in the customer service sector. Recent surveys reveal that customers want self-service features furnished by customer service personnel, frequently asked question pages, and other related characteristics.
  • Geofencing-Lately, a customer service tool has emerged in the face of Geofencing. The device involves flickering real-time announcements on the smartphones of customers.
  • Online website chat –These days, customers are interest in online chats with their service providers. It is thus a must-have tool for the customers.
  • Social media and online forums –People these days are using social media and online forums for various reasons. They spend a crucial part of their day in the cyber world. Hence, associations will have to interact with their customers through various online forums and channels.
  • SMS alert – SMS service is an age-old customer satisfaction tool use by entrepreneurs. The tool aids the customer service personnel to manage customer doubts and thereby respond quickly. Moreover, it is also a cost-effective technique that may assist entrepreneurs working on limited budgets.

The tools may get used according to the necessities. And targets of the business foundation. When they get customized according to the desires of the clients’ they may become more effective.

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