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Hani Zeini provides technological solutions to overcome common challenges of remote teamwork

Hani Zeini

Teamwork is central to the success of businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. Because although some small businesses might appear to be one-man shows. There is some invisible team working behind it that contributes to its success, feels Hani Zeini. Teamwork does not necessarily mean building a team within the organization, especially for small businesses with light manpower. In such cases, the resources used by the business and the service providers. It relies upon could be looked upon as team members who work in unison to orchestrate the work and deliver the best results. 

Team building is a challenge, explains Hani Zeini

Building a team is never easy, and even after building one, the biggest challenge that business leader. The face is handling complex tasks involving several stakeholders. Some situations can be quite confusing, which only leads to disappointment. Like holding lengthy meetings that do not deliver any result. Keeping track of feedback of stakeholders of big projects is another challenging task. Despite blowing the trumpet for teamwork, often some of the most productive teams thrive on the effectiveness of the lone. Worker because of the lack of opportunities in sharing helpful insights for the organization.

Here are some other challenges that business owners must be ready to handle when they try to build teams that provide the best results.

Fruitless meetings

It can be heartbreaking at the end of meetings that are well organized but fail to deliver results and remain inconclusive. Despite the heavy exchange of ideas, nothing concrete takes shape. To overcome the problem and ensure some actionable results from meetings. Use fishbone diagrams and mind maps or some similar visual brainstorming techniques. Diagramming software with brainstorming templates is available that can fit into any problem or question. It will help to channelize good ideas that draw everybody’s attention and lead to a fruitful conclusion.

Lack of bonhomie among team members

Like too many cooks spoil the broth, a very large team faces similar problems. Due to frequent disagreements and last-minute suggestions from some members act as spoilers as the meeting heads towards a close. To avoid such problems, Hani Zeini suggests the use of the software during project startups. For example, using organizational charts helps define roles and responsibilities according to available human resources while eliminating duplicate work. It leads to a positive outcome as small organizational touches make a huge difference in bigger projects.

Work content in disarray

Often confusion prevails in big projects as work content flows randomly across systems. And devices and the lack of tracking systems. Only compounds the problem. The team members are seldom on the same page due to confusion about feedback and the latest work content versions. Storing all work content in the cloud that is easily accessible by all employees from any location. Can end the problem as they can access the version they need.  

When the team members find the required version of the content in one place. It helps to follow a defined communication channel that eliminates all possibilities of confusion. 

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