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Hani Zeini provides you with the ultimate tips to secure a scholarship program

Hani Zeini

Many students require financial assistance for undertaking higher studies. A scholarship or a grant program is the perfect solution in such cases. Keep in mind that it can be all the difference between building a solid foundation and a failed career for some. However, according to Hani Zeini, scholarships are not just about the money, as there are several other benefits.

In the following section, we have gone over a few critical tips for you to practice to build a better personality and to give yourself a greater chance of qualifying for a scholarship. Read on to know more.

The importance of a hobby – Hani Zeini

The first thing you need to keep in mind regarding scholarships is a scholarship board that sifts through all the applications. The board is usually looking for an individual of exceptional merit in academics, but that is not the sole criteria. The members are also looking for evidence of interest outside the school/college curriculum. Make it a point always to highlight the exciting aspects of your life, hobbies, and activities.

Are you active socially?

No, we aren’t talking about social media activity. According to Hani Zeini, it is vital to remember that volunteering and community services are some of the facets that boost your C.V. and makes you a prime candidate at any scholarship board. Often scholarships have specified stipulations regarding community engagement and service hours. So, a proven track record or prior experience will enhance your application considerably.

Patience is the key

From the application to the essay and the final interview, every aspect of a scholarship will require you to invest time. The essay is the most vital part of your application, and you need to make sure that you are providing top-quality stuff for the submission. Take your time to understand the topic, research well, and recall every incident to communicate coherently through your essay. Check the article’s narrative quality and make sure it is free from grammatical and sentence construction errors to make a mark.

Don’t lose your confidence

Are you nervous about your submission or the application process? Yes, we understand that most of us are motivated by the fear of failure. But the truth is most successful applications have a history of failed efforts in the past. So, make sure you are submitting within the deadline. If you fail at your first attempt, keep in mind there are several scholarships and grant options for you to choose and re-apply. Always be confident in your skills and never back down.

Look at the criteria of eligibility

Every scholarship will have its eligibility criteria, so always make sure you satisfy the stipulations before applying. From accredited university, age constraints to essay format/word limits, make sure you do everything by the book.

Scholarships are highly beneficial for students who cannot afford higher studies in a foreign nation. If you win one, you are set for life. Make sure you follow our list of tips to help you achieve your dream career. All the best!

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