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Hani Zeini tells about the different types of scholarships commonly available

Hani Zeini

Whether it is an educational scholarship or any other type of scholarship, the objective of scholarships is the same. To identify and support deserving and talented candidates who are ambitious to excel in their field. Scholarships are like rewards and a badge of honor, that the winners can proudly display to showcase their capabilities which have received due recognition, explains Hani Zeini.  According to the NCES (National Center for Education Statistics) of the US, currently, 750,000 scholarships are available with many different eligibility criteria. And various disciplines but primarily for academics.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of scholarships available in various fields.

Academic scholarships are most popular, says Hani Zeini 

Since higher education is the costliest in the US, it often remains out of bounds for many deserving and meritorious students who cannot arrange for the course’s funds.  Since student loans are not enough to meet the total cost of studies because borrowing has its limits and liabilities. Scholarships offered by various organizations, colleges, universities, and philanthropic foundations formed by wealthy individuals come to the rescue of aspiring and meritorious students. Academic scholarships are like merit awards that consider the grade points and scores during selection. National scholarships are more prestigious as it is a countrywide recognition of success on the big stage where the competition is too much intense, agrees Hani Zeini.

 Sports scholarships

Students, who want to excel in sports like athletics, basketball, football, gymnastics, volleyball, etc. Even after completing their schooling, can try to earn some sports scholarship from some college. The number of sports scholarships is fewer than educational scholarships. But since there is high demand for it, the qualifying process is highly competitive, confirms Hani Zeini.  However, since the students would be pursuing their education too, the athletic and sports skills alone do not help much earn the scholarship because the academic background of candidates must be sound too, even if not excellent. College coaches look for athletes who can prove their all-around talent in academics and sports, emphasizing the latter.

Scholarships for women

Many academic scholarships are available for women students only.  Most of these scholarships are offered by organizations and big Corporations that want to encourage women’s participation in higher studies in areas and disciplines dominated mainly by males. The scholarships give women the opportunity to break into male bastions and fulfill their aspirations of reaching their careers’ pinnacle.

Identity scholarships To uplift students from various communities and groups. Who usually find it hard to compete with the students belonging to the general category. Scholarships are available for specific ethnic groups and students belonging to some particular religion or race.   The idea behind offering such scholarships is to provide equal opportunities to the students. Those who despite having the capabilities, are often discriminated against and denied the chance of advancing in their career. Deserving and meritorious students of these groups cannot ever think of college education without the support o scholarships.

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