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Hani Zeini 

Hani Zeini is the Founder and Chairman of Elissar Advisors.

Hani Zeini, the Founder and Chairman of Elissar Advisors, stands as a paragon of entrepreneurial success and strategic leadership in the Medical Devices and Aesthetics Medicine industry. A visionary with a career spanning over three decades, Zeini’s journey began with a solid educational foundation at the University of Miami, culminating in a transformative experience at the prestigious Stanford University Graduate School of Business’ Executive Program. This education was pivotal, shaping his strategic mindset and bolstering his innovative approach.

Zeini’s professional odyssey commenced at DuPont, where he quickly ascended through various leadership roles, showcasing his aptitude for driving growth and innovation. As the EVP/Head of INAMED Aesthetics, he played a crucial role in expanding the company’s footprint across global markets. His entrepreneurial spirit came to the fore with the founding of Sientra Inc. in 2006, a venture that disrupted a 20-year duopoly in the U.S. aesthetics market, introducing groundbreaking choices and new options for plastic surgeons and patients alike.

His tenure at Sientra as CEO and Board Director is a testament to his commitment to innovation and market leadership. Beyond Sientra, Zeini’s career encompasses significant roles, including CEO of and COO of Acurian, demonstrating his versatile leadership across different sectors. His strategic advisory roles at companies like Allergan and Establishment Labs further highlight his prowess in steering businesses towards unprecedented growth.

At Elissar Advisors, Zeini leverages his extensive experience, guiding the firm in value creation and delivering structured programs for business success. His role as an advisor and mentor reflects his dedication to nurturing the next generation of business leaders, drawing from his rich experience and the profound insights gained from his education at Stanford.

Zeini’s journey, marked by innovative market disruptions and successful business strategies, not only underscores his role as a leading figure in the aesthetics and medical device industries but also highlights the transformative impact of education on personal and professional growth.