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How does Artificial Intelligence Impact our Lives? An Insight by Hani Zeini

Hani Zeini

There are myriads of ways in which artificial intelligence is impacting our day to day lives. Hani Zeini says artificial intelligence assists us in every aspect of our lives, be it getting movie or music recommendations, getting driving directions, or reading emails, to name a few.

Hani Zeini Explains the Top Six Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence is Impacting our Daily Life

There are various ways in which artificial intelligence is impacting our daily life. Of which, Hani Zeini highlights the top six ways:

  • Online Stores- Today, online shopping has become commonplace. Right from grocery shopping, apparels, gift items, to gadgets, people prefer to shop online from their comfort zone. When you shop online, artificial intelligence will be a part of the shopping experience. Artificial intelligence plays an imperative part in social media advertising, web searches, and digital assistant technology, which are the chief elements of online shopping. A vital function of AI is chatbots that are accessible around the clock to answer all your queries.
  • Healthcare- AI also plays a crucial role in the healthcare domain. Through artificial intelligence, diseases are accurately and quickly diagnosed. The process of drug discovery has been streamlined and sped up, virtual nursing assistants monitor patients, and big data is offering patients a personalized experience.

The Technology Of Artificial Intelligence

  • Self-Driving Cars- The technology of artificial intelligence has hastened the creation of self-driving cars. AI-powered vehicles have surpassed human drivers already, especially with regards to safety. The best part about artificial intelligence is that it allows these cars to adapt to the changing conditions as well as learn from any new situation.
  • Music Recommendations- Today, music streaming services are using AI technology for assessing your listening habits. It uses the data for recommending other songs and music you may like. For instance, Spotify says Hani Zeini offers suggestions for new discoveries, old favorites, and new releases as per your listening behavior. Again, Google Play provides customized music recommendations with the help of artificial intelligence to consider factors like weather and time-of-day to offer music, which can set the right mood.
  • Email Filter in Gmail- Google also uses AI to ensure that every email you receive in the inbox is authentic. These filters help sort the emails into different categories such as spam, forums, updates, promotions, social, and primary. The program helps to organize the emails to help you find important communications quicker.
  • Social Media- After unlocking your phone, what do you do next? Most of you check your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get the latest updates. AI works behind the scenes for personalizing all that is seen on the feeds. Besides, it also shows friend suggestions, identifies and filters out fake news, and prevents cyberbullying.

In short, artificial intelligence has made our lives efficient every day. This technology powers many services and programs which assist us do daily activities like using ride-sharing services, email programs, connecting with friends, and much more.

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