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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Businesses – An Insight by Hani Zeini

Hani Zeini

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an incredible technology that is helping to transform every facet of the business. The majority of the businesses have realized the real perks of this technology, says Hani Zeini. Artificial intelligence is not something miraculous yet functions. As a collaborative feature across organizations, utilizing trustworthy processes and data to complement a business strategy that is clearly defined and aligns with the organization’s values and culture. 

Hani Zeini’s Viewpoint on the Role of AI in Business 

  • Personalized Experience to Customers – AI offers customers a personalized experience. This technology can efficiently analyze a huge amount of data and identify patterns right away in credit scores, buying preferences, past buying history, and others. AI can help to analyze countless transactions daily to offer every esteemed customer personalized service. 
  • Data Unlocking – The amount of data generated by a business earlier was less; thus, it was structured. As a result, capturing as well as storing data in the database was easy. But now, things have undergone tremendous change. We now have more unstructured data, says Hani Zeini. To analyze unstructured data for any business will be a highly impactful factor in the years to come. Understanding consumer conversations is another area that has a huge potential in making your business stand out. Today, most organizations are taking to customer conversations to identify personality types through artificial intelligence, to offer consumers compatible services. Businesses have already begun to unlock data through the medium of artificial intelligence. 
  • Customer and Market Insights – Artificial intelligence plays an imperative part in analyzing customers as well as the market. You can use predictive analysis to the assembled data from social media, web matric, and system matrix to develop an enhanced and better product. With the help of customer insights, you will be capable of taking the experience of your customers to the next level. When it comes to start-ups, artificial intelligence plays an incredible role. They can explore opportunities for working on innovative new solutions as well as different thought processes for the growth of the business. Predictive maintenance allows start-ups a reduction in the cost of maintenance with the help of regular quality checks. 

Artificial Intelligence-based Optimize

Systems that are artificial intelligence-based optimize marketing strategies. And reduce marketing expenditures by offering effective marketing tools for businesses and eliminating from the list some unlikely customers. Today most customers are present on social media, with maximum businesses taking place online. Artificial intelligence is a powerful software that allows businesses to adapt to the changes in market behavior and improve performance constantly with the flow of data. 

The rapid advancements in disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence are transforming the way people are doing business today. It has paved the way for businesses to become more productive and also drive efficiency. 

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