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Some critical trends in the field of educational technology, as explained by Hani Zeini

Hani Zeini

The learning model has undergone a dramatic change in the last few years. The process in which students get an education in recent times is very different from teaching, adopted years back. Technology is responsible for this change in the field of education. The way pedagogy is received and delivered in class owes a lot to recent technological innovations. Technology has enabled students to opt for self-learning and flipped classroom approach, thereby impacting the teaching-learning process. These days digital learning has emerged as an integral part of the education system for both schools and universities. According to Hani Zeini, the education system struggles to implement technology for better learning experiences.

Take a look at the following current trends provided by Hani Zeini in the field of education technology

  • Collaborative learning: Staying connected is something integral to the use of technology. People connect and thereby discuss the enactment of certain situations collaboratively. The emergence of a collaborative approach has increased in popularity when it comes to the learning process. The educator thereby encourages collaboration by way of assigning tasks and activities on a group basis. When students create teams to work together on a particular problem, it helps build their collaborative skills. Also, by working jointly, they understand the importance of engagement. These days e-learning is in trend, which includes a collaborative approach. A teacher’s role is that of a facilitator, hence helping the learner for their overall development. The emergence of the collaborative learning approach has encouraged students to approach their teachers and peers fearlessly.
  • Learning beyond the classroom environment: Mobile devices have stimulated learning to go beyond classroom boundaries. When students opt for knowledge and understanding, technology enables them to learn at their own time and pace. It is a more convenient method for delivering and receiving education. For this, it becomes mandatory for teachers to design mobile-friendly content to help students glance through their course from anywhere and anytime. A smooth internet connection is all that is required to enable a positive online learning experience. Social media is another way of ensuring mobile learning as it includes hyperlinks, annotation tools, dictionaries, eBooks, and search features that help bring flexibility in education. The incorporation of portable knowledge into learning environments has assured benefits for both teachers and students.

Learning Via Social Media

  • Learning via social media:The time has come when social media has evolved as a viable learning tool. These days, kids of all age groups use social media platforms to share pics and videos and conduct other learning activities. Hence, Hani Zeini stresses social media’s importance as a beneficial tool used by teachers to impart lessons. It helps in ensuring interest in the study to keep them engaged.

It comes without saying that education has come a long way in recent times. The insulation of technology has opened up new avenues for both the teacher and the learner. Therefore, many aspects of technology need analysis for the interest of students and teachers.

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