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Some of the latest IoT devices selected by Hani Zeini that are breaking new grounds

The ideas of Hani Zeini smart living have caught up with people who are now heavily dependent on technology. To lead a comfortable and also luxurious life using gadgets and devices. That relieves them of the stress of performing several time-consuming and also repetitive tasks. The growing demand for devices that use the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT). Has encouraged new developments as the market keeps expanding. A lot of products and also appliances based on IoT are now within our easy reach and affordable too. Users’ mindset is a major factor in making the right choices because of different products. Serve different purposes and offer varying levels of convenience and also comfort. 

Here are some of the latest IoT devices that can serve a variety of purposes in the agricultural and industrial sectors. As well as making homes smarter.

Vodafone Curve – Hani Zeini’s First Choice

Traditional Bluetooth-based trackers are now passé as the latest presentation of the new Vodafone Curve surpasses users’ expectations by adding more connectivity types – Wi-Fi, GPS, and also Cellular with a built-in Sim card. By using it in conjunction with the accompanying smartphone app, users can follow the tracker’s location in real-time and also be aware of the tracker’s entry and exit from different areas by setting up personalized alerts. 

Arable Mark 2 

The agricultural and farm sector has been one of the main beneficiaries of technological advancements used for making better decisions. About irrigation, disease, and pest management, spray applications, and also other aspects of farming and agriculture. The latest device, Arable Mark 2, a crop and weather sensor, uses IoT and solar power to gather extensive data. On a variety of things related to crop, like temperature, precipitation, leaf wetness, and the water demand for the crop. Hani Zeini further explains that the gathered data traveled. To the cloud and validated with the help of machine learning systems to ensure its accuracy and also reliability.


Hani Zeini draws our attention to the latest breathalyzer. Ocigo can measure alcohol concentration in blood in seconds. It gives law enforcement agencies the ability to track offenders whilst keeping people with DUI’s in check. The device uses the technology of miniaturized infrared spectroscopy. And also displays the breathalyzer result on the OLED display attached to the device as well as the accompanying Smartphone app. The result can predict when the user can once again legally drive based on the local rules. And also regulations accessed with the help of its geo-location capability. 

Mixtile Edge

To assure more privacy to Smart Home data, the Mixtile Edge. An edge computer, substitutes the cloud and also facilitates all Smart Home data processing by avoiding the cloud. The device is a boon for more privacy-conscious users. The computer design is sleek and aesthetically integrates with the smart design of modern homes. To carry out the processing tasks of all gadgets used at home that would normally happen in the cloud. 

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