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Various technical mistakes that every entrepreneur must avoid – A Hani Zeini analysis

Hani Zeini

When you are the owner of a small company, you must make every possible effort. To establish competitive benefits over others. One very effective way of doing this is by using technology to optimize processes, protect the business, market the services and products, etc. However, sometimes small business establishments cannot properly use and implement appropriate technology, which may significantly enhance their operations. There are enormous ways in which technology may benefit an entrepreneur who has the right approach and correct methodology at their disposition. Hence, Hani Zeini makes efforts to draw readers’ attention towards distinct kinds of mistakes that every business entrepreneur must abstain from to gain success.

Guidelines to be followed for aiding your long-term goals by Hani Zeini

  • Take your security seriously: It is common to compromise with security needs. Security breaches may have detrimental effects on the confidential data of their customers. Hackers usually target this valuable data, which may have the business run the risk of losing clients. Hacks take place because of weak passwords, phishing traps, careless employees, and other related vulnerabilities. It takes place due to human errors and technical problems. In case your business technology is under threat, you stand the risk of losing your brand reputation with financial issues and customers. It is here that Hani Zeini asks entrepreneurs to keep security at the top of their priority list.

Delays in software update: It is normal to forget updating your business’s software, but when you keep on delaying the process owing to its cost and time consumption, you stand the risk of compromising your business. In case you take an update of software lightly, you increase the risk of missing out on improved performance, increased security, new features, and other benefits. In addition to this, the use of outdated software increases the risk of hacking.

Ignoring recent trends

  • Ignoring recent trends: To have a hand over the marketplace, you must keep track of current technology trends. These days customers use their smartphones for visiting websites, thereby increasing web traffic coming from mobile devices. Hence, if you use an outdated desktop, you will miss out on essential opportunities. On the other hand, a mobile-optimized desktop is faster, smarter, and more up to date; thus, you must consider it. Also, make efforts to research recent trends in social media, accounting software, and other advancements. In case you ignore the current trend, you stand the risk of staying behind in the competition.
  • When you forget to train your employees: The employees who are the wheels of any entrepreneurship vary. In their technical sense and performance. Not all of them will have the same taste for recent technological advancement. Hence, it is your responsibility to make them aware of new trends. They must get information regarding the latest software and operating gadgets which they can use to increase overall productivity.

Technology is an asset of the Institute; however, it may have negative implications if misused. By working on the right approach, you may implement the right sort of technology that will help you to increase productivity and efficiency.

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