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Ways to Digitize Your Business by Hani Zeini

Hani Zeini

Hani Zeini says the world has gone digital. More than 90% of business leaders have prioritized business digitization. This digital world is filled with opportunities. Smart businesses today are the ones that are the ones that are immersing themselves in this opportunity.

Hani Zeini’s Views on How to Digitize Your Business

  • Review Customer Feedback- No matter the size and type of business, it is essential to evaluate customers’ responses. Thus, the team must assess the user’s reaction at every stage of development. Their opinions will help your team discover where changes need to be made. Spot areas for improvement, and find potential bugs.         

Before implementing the digitized business process, you need to consider developing reference documents and technical resources for customers and employees to answer common queries, direct support tickets for the appropriate contact, and solve common troubleshooting problems. As per Hani Zeini, if you join hands with a third-party, they will offer support and, above all, ease the workload of your team.

  • Incorporate Cloud-Based Technologies- Generally, any business digitization plan will comprise of some cloud-based technologies, like a CRM program and KMS. Both have the same purpose of offering centralized locations for that expedited management of information like wikis, leads, and more.

You can consider extra cloud-based technologies as per the services of your company for complementing your offerings. To the customer, says Hani Zeini. If you are in the insurance, financial, or medical field, you may need a compliant and secure service. To deliver or fax digital documents to the client. While comparing providers, ensure to review their SLAs, hours, and customer support quality.

Online Collaboration

  • Online Collaboration-If you are still emailing Word documents back and forth and asking others for feedback, then you are stuck in the past. It is time you make the most of Google Drive, which is a real-time collaboration tool that is free. It can host slideshows, documents, forms, spreadsheets, and artwork. Several users can simultaneously edit a file while the file will show the changes live. To others so there will be no overlap.
  • Better Decision Making- Data management and digitization go hand in hand. Data is knowledge, while knowledge leads to sound decisions. Business digitization makes it possible to have constant contact with customers, which in turn will allow you to know them better.
  • Flexibility in Staffing- It is digitization that offers higher flexibility in staffing as it will allow staff to work remotely. Organizations can retain employees when staff enjoy the flexibility to work from home. Besides, digitization lowers overhead by reducing the office space that an organization needs. Another benefit is it helps to decrease the environmental footprint of a company.
  • Paperless Office- To print and store all documents in a physical filing cabinet, there will be a pile-up of a lot of paper waste. And also take up ample floor space in the office. When you switch to digital processes as well as store documents online. You can reduce carbon emissions, save space, and cut costs. Electronic document storage is more secure when advanced encryption software is installed to boost data security.

Make the most of digitization today for a better tomorrow.

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