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Home » Will AI have an impact on businesses post-COVID-19? – Hani Zeini lists down possible changes

Will AI have an impact on businesses post-COVID-19? – Hani Zeini lists down possible changes

Hani Zeini says humanity is currently facing one of its greatest challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare workers, scientists, doctors, and also political leaders are trying hard to arrive at a solution or cure for this pandemic. And here, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used as one of the essential tools for medical research and also business analysis.

Hani Zeini on AI during and after COVID-19

Today, AI gets used for assessing medical data, contact tracing, preparing various treatment plans. Drug development, detecting hotspots, and also evaluating transmission rates. According to medical experts, AI’s will play an essential role in the medical field and other industries. Hani Zeini shares ways in which AI might modify the world post the pandemic.

1. Automation

Once the world successfully bounces back from the pandemic, several factories will begin to restart their functions. Some organizations might come across issues related to working and also laborer shortages in the supply chain. Also, employees might become unsure about the work environment. All this might hamper the factory’s effectiveness. Hence, companies will have to embrace AI systems for task automation and to accelerate production.

This might result in job losses and also companies might ask less-skilled employees to leave. Employees may need to upgrade their skills for using the new-age AI-enabled systems to stay marketable. And also organizations will start to invest in AI, data analytics programs, and machine learning for their employees.

Currently, several companies are making use of AI-enabled bots to replace call center employees and fill in other positions of temporary workers. This strategy is helping companies to save both money and also time. These organizations will continue to use this practice even after COVID-19 gets under control.

2. Work from home

AI has the ability to impact office work even after the pandemic! Currently, many employees have started to work from home. Seminars, discussions, and meetings are getting held online through Skype, Zoom, and also other applications developed with AI. This work from home strategy helps to maximize employee productivity. This is the reason why many companies are working towards making this a permanent strategy. In the forthcoming years, AI-enabled applications. Webinars can replace in-person workshops and also seminars. AI will also help companies save on in-office expenses and continue.

3. Scientific Research

Currently, research and also development to combat the pandemicisbeing performed by AI systems and algorithms. Today, AI has all the potential to succeed in accelerating drug development, treatment, and also disease detection. All these practices will assume increased relevance in the years to come. AI algorithms, in addition to various other technologies, like Blockchain technology. Exchange amongst various governmental departments.

Once the world heals from the pandemic, the world will continue to use AI-enabled systems to generate excellent disease treatment, data analysis, and research outcomes. Companies and their employees must begin to utilize AI to pave a better future for themselves, the employees and also their customers. 

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